Oil and Gas Liquid Analyzers

Oil and Gas Liquid Analyzers

Equipment name: Analyzer

Brand: Various Brands

Region: Europe

Equipment Type:


Application: Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals


Dahi Bondad Tejarat offers a wide selection of liquid analyzers designed for the oil and gas industry or their utility section including sewage treatment units. Our analyzers are sourced from reliable manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries. Here are some of the liquid analyzers we provide:

  • pH sensors and transmitters
  • Conductivity sensors and transmitters
  • Oxygen sensors and transmitters
  • Turbidity sensors and transmitters
  • Disinfection and chlorine sensors and transmitters
  • Process photometers
  • Analyzers for hardness, iron, aluminum, chromate, and sodium
  • ORP sensors and transmitters
  • Nutrient analyzers (ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, and total phosphorus)
  • TOC, COD, and SAC analyzers
  • Automatic water samplers
  • Chlorine sensors and transmitters
  • Total suspended solid sensors and transmitters
  • Silica analyzers
  • Metal analyzers (hardness, iron, aluminum, chromate, and sodium)
  • Hydrocarbon analyzers
  • H2S analyzers
  • Sludge level sensors and transmitters
  • Flowmeters
  • Level transmitters
  • Oil in water analyzers

All our instrumentation meets the necessary standards and certifications.