WITT & SOHN Centrifugal Fans

WITT & SOHN Centrifugal Fans

Equipment name: Centrifugal Fans

Brand: WITT & SOHN

Region: Germany

Equipment Type: Fan

Model: –

Application: Energy & Power plant, Railway & Road


Fan types: Centrifugal (single/double inlet) or axial
Inlet size: 63 to 2.500 mm
Volume flow rate: Up to 500.000 m³/h
Pressure: Up to 40.000 Pa
Temperature: Up to 850 °C
Drive types: Direct, coupling, or belt drive
Design options:

  • Single or multi-stage
  • Gas-tight
  • Explosion-proof
  • Explosion shock wave safe (TÜV appr.) –
  • Adjustable (variable inlet vanes,frequency control)
  • Silencers
  • Noise insulation cabins
  • Heat insulated

Materials: Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
Surface Primer/finish, powder-coated,
treatment: decontamination coating, rubberized, ceramic tiles, special coating
certificates: Approved acc. to DIN 8563
Test procedures: According to DIN 24163

Scope of work:

Inlet diameter Up to two thousand five hundred millimeters
Capacity Up to five hundred thousand cubic meters per hour
Pressure Up to forty thousand pascals
Temperature resistance Up to eight hundred and fifty degrees Celsius

Standard accessories:

Formed input Ignition damper
Protective furnace Jet cover
Fungal cover Horizontal/vertical position bases
Variable input blade Flexible connection
Muffler Insulation
Counter flange Monitoring devices

Centrifugal fan types: 

Centrifugal fan, type LRZ

– use for solvent recycling
– Impeller material Naxtra 70 (1.8964)
– Volume flow rate 148.000 m³/h
– total pressure 11.000 Pa
– operating temperature 220 °C
– rated power 530 kW

Centrifugal fan, type RNN

– Use for heating power plant
– Impeller and casing material Avesta 253 MA (1.4839)
– Volume flow rate 106.500 m³/h
– Total pressure 2.000 Pa
– operating temperature 450/650 °C
– rated power 110 kW