WITT & SOHN Axial Flow Fan

WITT & SOHN Axial Flow Fan

Equipment name: Axial Flow Fan

Brand: WITT & SOHN

Region: Germany

Equipment Type: Fan

Model: –

Application: Energy & Power plant, Railway & Road


A wide range of output positions, coating geometries, coating thicknesses, and materials are available for different types of impellers, the following is a description of the standard product range above. Very flexible production allows special conditions to be met.

All blade to crown connections in Witt & Sohn fan types are by the Christmas tree method (higher efficiency, lower power consumption, and one-way and two-way operation capability).



Standard accessories

  • Formed input
  • Ignition damper
  • Protective furnace
  • Fungal cover
  • Horizontal/vertical position bases
  • Vibrating damper
  • Jet cover
  • Flexible connection
  • Counter flange
  • Muffler
  • Variable input blade

The specific design of a fan is mainly determined by the installation method used in it. In addition to physical properties such as pressure, flow rate, and temperature, performance conditions and installation location are more important (DIN 24 163 for a complete description of input parameters for fan specifications). The actual dimensions of the fan are mainly determined by the motors and accessories used.

Axial current fan range is distinguished by a large number of different standard designs. Different impellers of impeller ball diameters enable the assembly to meet a wide range of flow volume combinations with the echelon ratio of flow-to-pressure ratio for most types of installations.

In addition to the common standard axial fans, the set also produces a large number of special designs; for example, explosion-proof fans, pump room fans, shock-absorbing fans, smoke extraction fans, jet fans, etc.

The following is a brief description of the company’s axial flow fan housing designs.

In short, due to the very wide collection of fans in each introduction, we will provide you with the scope of work of each product range, but we will also provide you with a separate and complete brochure for each collection so that you can make an easy choice.

Inlet diameter Up to 4 meters
Capacity Up to two million cubic meters per hour
Pressure Up to seven thousand Pascals
Temperature resistance Up to seven hundred degrees Celsius